El libro de los musiniños (The Book of the Musiniños), part I: pieces for piano solo


The word musiniños is a term I created and first used in the name this series (a second use of this word appears in the title of a subsequent collection of solo pieces for children and adolescents), which is the union of the words: música (music) and niños (children). Musiniños, as I define it, means: niños que hacen música (children that make music).

The title is inspired by the source of the commission of this collection of pieces, namely some of my former teachers from the first music school I attended. They asked me to write a series of pieces for piano and two pianos for their current and future students at this same school, whose ages would range between 8 and 14 years old.

El libro de los musiniños has 10 pieces for piano solo and 4 pieces for two pianos. The character of the music in each piece is very much influenced by the title of Federico Mompou’s piano series, “Música Callada”(Quiet Music). These words gave me the idea of the “sound/mood” that I wanted to achieve when composing the pieces in my own collection of piano pieces. 

-Ivette Herryman Rodríguez


Ivette Herryman Rodriguez, piano

Score (pieces for piano solo only): $20

Score (pieces for piano solo and two pianos) :$30