Sympathetic Tones


Sympathetic Tones (for trombone solo and damper pedal) uses the acoustic phenomenon of sympathetic resonances, as well as the overtone series. Many of the gestures in the piece are meant to be played in one position at a time, utilizing only the overtone series of such position, which poses a challenge for the trombonist who is used to switching positions to play particular pitches.

For some sections of the work, the trombonist is asked to play inside the piano, which acts as a resonant body that amplifies specific pitches, producing vibrations that are as much part of the piece as are the notes written in the trombone part. A heavy object depresses the damper pedal of the piano to enhance the resonances.

The piece is written for and dedicated to trombonist John Mindeman.

-Ivette Herryman Rodriguez 


John Mindeman, trombone

Score: $12