Voices of the Soul (Voces del alma)


Voices of the Soul is a composition for orchestra and mezzo-soprano that comprises two movements. It uses texts by the Argentinian writer and poet Alfonsina Storni. Two contrasting ideas are illustrated in the piece, derived from the imagery of the poem. The first movement is about longings, which although different for every person, are part of us as human beings. It is a song for those who suffer through longings as they wait. The second movement is about the desire to grow, to evolve into a more complete person. It is a song of hope, a calling to move forward. 

– Ivette Herryman Rodríguez

I. Quisiera (originally named “Pain: the darkest place”)

Text: Dolor, poem by Alfonsina Storni


Score: Herryman-Quisiera – Score (Perusal Score)


Reading by MSU Symphony Orchestra. Holly Lewis, mezzo-soprano. Weimar Arancibia, conductor. 

II. Volar (originally titled “Get on with Flying: the Dream”)

Text: Date a volar, poem by Alfonsina Storni

AUDIO: (MIDI realization from Finale)

Score: Volar (Get on with flying) – Score (Perusal Score)